Using Views to list Magnifier nodes

Now that I've got my Image Magnifier content type I want to make a list with links to the images I upload to it.

For this I am going to use the Views module, which is the number one most popular module for Drupal and for good reason. To download it and get more information go to

To create my list first I go to Administer > Site Building > Views and click on the Add tab. I name the view "mag_view" and leave the settings at their defaults (i.e. View Type = node).

After clicking "Next" the Views interface comes up as shown in the screenshot above.

Views can be a bit overwhelming at first, in the same way that Drupal is: there are so many options to choose from. The thing to remember is that you usually only need to change a few things. In this example, I will try to do the minimum needed to make this work.

Step one here is to add a Block display to this view by choosing "Block" from the drop-down list on the left and clicking on "Add Display". Another type of display that is common is "Page", but in this case I just want a block.

Once the block display is added, click on Default - all the next steps will apply to the Default and to the Block display.

Under Fields, I click on the plus sign and click the checkbox next to "Node: Title" and in the next set of options, click the checkbox for "Link this field to its node". Also I make the Label field blank. Then I click on "Update". At the bottom of the page there is an automatic preview which consists of a list of 10 of my nodes. (It shows 10 because 10 is the default for "Items to display" under Basic Settings".)

In this case I don't want to list all nodes so under Filter, I click on the plus sign and from the list I click on "Node Type". In the next section I choose the Operator "Is one of" and click the checkbox for the Node Type "Magnifier". I click on Update and see that the list of nodes in the sutomatic preview now contains just links to nodes of the Magnifier content type.

That pretty much gives me what I want, so I click on Save and my view is done. (Later I may want to go back and add a thumbnail to the View or maybe change the way the list is sorted.)

Now that my View is saved, I go to Administer > Site Building > Blocks and at the bottom of the list of blocks is "mag_view block". Now I can use the option drop-down next to it to place the block where I want. In this case, I choose "Left Sidebar" and then click on "Save Blocks." Next I click on "configure" and give the block the title "Magnifier" and under "Page specific visibility settings" I choose "Show on only the listed pages" and enter "<front> in the text box. This will cause my new block to appear only on the front page.

And here it is under another block called "Recent Work".