Going mobile

Smartphones are the future

Since the iPhone seems to be the device of choice now (at least among my friends) I thought I would see if I could design a web page specifically for the iPhone, i.e. so it would look like an "app."

A little Facebook API

If you head over to http://developers.facebook.com you can get code that you can paste into your site. The feeds are served in iframes.

On this page, using my "As is" input format, I pasted the code for Activity Feed and the code for the "like" button.

Making one page look different in Drupal

Here is a demo page showing how to make one page a a Drupal site look different from the rest. One way to do this would be to add page-specific css to your style sheet (i.e. style.css in your theme's folder), but I don't want to add bloat to my theme just for one page.

Making a page with Views and Panels

A 5-minute screencast which describes how a page which lists some of the content on my site was set up using the Views and Panels modules.

A simple request

You know the story. You build a Drupal site. It's amazing. Then the client asks for 2 simple features to be added. And you can't deny that they are reasonable requests. If only you'd known about them when you started!

Views displayed in an accordion

This page features an accordion which contains 3 Views, each of which displays a list of articles tagged with the taxonomy terms "Drupal," "JQuery," and "CSS." (See the accordion at the bottom of the page.)

Adding elements to a page with jquery

If you go to one of my Magnifier pages, you will see, between the title and the image, the link "Back to Magnifier index."

This particular link is not provided by Views or by Drupal, but is added to the page by jquery. It's a situation that comes up surprisingly often - wanting to add something to a generated page.

It's fairly simple. In fact, it's just one line of jquery.

Making a page with Views

magnifier screenshot

Now that I've got Views giving me a list of links to Magnifier nodes that I've put into a Block on the home page, I think I want to have Views make a page as well. The Block just lists the Titles but the page can be richer... a thunbnail of the image, the title, and a teaser, as shown in the screenshot.

Using Views to list Magnifier nodes

Now that I've got my Image Magnifier content type I want to make a list with links to the images I upload to it.

Moving Photo Magnifier into Drupal

A while back I made a demo of an image magnifier on a stand-alone web page. Now I'm going to implement the same functionality in a Drupal page. All Drupal needs to provide is a simple content type with a title, image, and description. The rest will be done by jquery.

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