a musical collective dedicated to producing kid-friendly music and videos.

Ken Starratt
double bass and vocals

Jorma Starratt

Hannah Jones

Bill David
mandolin, banjo, and vocals

Tara Neely AKA Kozmos

Bob Hay
songwriter, vocals, guitar, tamborine, pennywhistle, and glockenspiel

Diana Torell
violin, bongos, and vocals

Dave Dowless

Safi Khesghi
video editor

Recorded at Starratt Studios, Watkinville, GA

Recording engineer: Jorma Starratt

Mixed by Micah Bennett

Graphic Design by Corie Brand

Additional art by Safi Khesghi


Deep Purple

Here's "Deep Purple" as a free stream and download.

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Right-click here to download the mp3 of "Deep Purple."

Galaxy Day

Here's "Galaxy Day" as a free stream and download.

Click to stream:

Right-click here to download the mp3 of "Galaxy Day."

Click here for more Noogeez songs at CD Baby.


Elephant Radio

Third Place the 2008 AthFest Sprockets Music+Video Audience Choice Award



Winner of the 2007 AthFest Sprockets Music+Video Audience Choice Award



Galaxy Day Kathy Elephant Radio Snowman

About Noogeez

Noogeez play music for kids and anyone who’s ever been a kid. Noogeez got its start in 2006, when Ken Starratt decided to make a video to enter in the AthFest Sprockets Music+Video Contest. For the first video, he chose the song "Kathy" by Bob Hay, his band mate from the 80s Athens band Squalls.

"I chose 'Kathy' for the video," Ken said, "because it has great visual imagery and tells an interesting story. I also thought the song deserved to be recorded, since it never made it onto any of the Squalls' records."

Ken enlisted his son, Jorma to drum on the track and to engineer the recording session, and recruited Bill to play mandolin and banjo. He also brought in Kozmos, who had worked with Jorma in the hiphop project Herb 'n' Skills.

Once the audio was recorded, Ken worked with videographer Safi Khesghi and actress Casey Singson to put together the video. He entered the video in Sprockets and it won the 2007 Sprockets Audience Choice Award.

In 2008, Noogeez decided their next video would feature "Elephant Radio," another song that Bob wrote. The same group of people worked on it, with the addition of Bob on vocals and guitar. The video was entered in the Sprockets contest and came in 3rd place.

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Sprockets did not have video contest in 2009, so the Noogeez decided to concentrate on recording "Galaxy Day," one of Bob's recent compositions. One factor that particularly energized this session was Bob's fascination with the sounds created by playing the glockenspiel and pennywhistle together, which gives the recordings on the limited edition 6-song Galaxy Day CD a unique sound.

In early 2011, Noogeez recorded the song “Deep Purple,” an old big band standard first published in 1933. Noogeez lively jug band-like version of it is available as a free mp3 download from their web site.

This year Noogeez are booked to play some festivals including the Human Rights Festival, AthFest, and the Athens Folk Music and Dance Society's Fall Festival. These shows will have Bob Hay on guitar, Diana Torell on glockenspiel and violin, Hannah Jones on drums, Bill David on mandolin, and Ken Starratt on bass. Everyone will sing.